Tsunami TMU-1 10-Axis Swiss Type CNC Lathe w/ATC


Ref#: 3763 Model: TMU-1 S/N: Mfg: 2008
 Machining Capability  
Max Bar Stock Diameter  38 mm 
Max. Machining Length  9.84″ 
Main Spindle   
Spindle Speed  6,000 RPM 
Drive-Motor Output  15 HP 
Spindle Index Angle  .001º 
Tool Spindle   
Tool Mount System  Spindle with ATC 
B-Axis Index Angle  5º(by coupling)/0.001º (by brake) 
Index Angle / Position  90º / 4 Positions 
Max. Spindle Speed  10,000 RPM 
Drive Motor Output  7.37 HP 
number of Tool Stations  16 
Square Tool Size  3/4″ Square Tools 
Drill Holder Sleeve Diameter  32 mm 
Back Spindle   
Max. Spindle Speed 6,000 RPM
Drive Motor output 11 / 7.5 kW
Spindle Index Angle 0.001º
X1 (tool spindle diametrical axis) 14.96″
Y1 (tool spindle vertical axis) 4.33″
Z1 (tool spindle longitudinal axis) 22″ +/- 5.31″
X2 (turret diametrical axis) 5.12″
Z2 (Turret Longitudinal axis) 31.5″
A1 (main spindle longitudinal axis) 9.84″
A2 (back spindle longitudinal axis) 31.5″
Feed Rate
A2, Z1, Z2 1575 IPM
A1, X1, X2, Y1 845 IPM
Tool Shank Shape Kennametal KM40XST
Max. Tool Dimension 80 mm x 150 mm (40kg)
Number of Tools Stored 60 pcs
Tool Change Time (tool to tool) 0.8 sec
Net Weight 17,600 lbs.
Power Source Requirement 40 KVA
Width x Depth x Height 144″ x 87″ x 89″

Equipped With:

  • Fauna 18iTB CNC Control
  • Tool Monitoring
  • Chip Conveyor
  • High Pressure Coolant (1,000 psi)
  • Coolant Chiller Unit
  • FMB Model 555 6′ Barfeed
  • Tooling

Price:  On Location, Northeast    On Request