Tsudakoma RNCK-501 Rotary Table s/n 950687


Ref#: 3831 Model: RNCK-501 S/N: 950687 Mfg: 1996
 Turntable Diameter  19.68″  (500mm)
Table Center Height (Vert. Position)  12.2″   (310mm) 
Center Bore Diameter  50H7 
T-Slot Size  18H7 
Guide-Block Size  18H7 
Number of Worm Gear Teeth  72 
Servo Motor Type  Fanuc AC-10 
Speed Reduction Ratio  1/180 
Table GyrationAngle per 1 Pulse  0.001 Degrees 
Table Rotation Speed  11.1 RPM (motor 2,000 RPM) 
Clamp Methods & (Torque)  250KG-M  (Hydraulic 35/CM2)
Load Capacity, Vertical  550 lbs.  (250 kg)
Max. Diameter of Workpiece  19.68″  (500mm) 
Net Weight  990 lbs.   (450 kg) 

Equipped With:

Price:  FOB, Massachusetts    On Request