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FACCIN has been for years the undisputed world leader in manufacturing and selling plate bending rolls, section bending rolls, and dishing and flanging lines for large dome ends.

The company was founded in the late 60’s specializing in the manufacturing of heavy duty bending rolls. A remarkable tendency towards technological innovation and continuous investment in research and development, rapidly brought FACCIN the reputation for offering outstanding quality, reliability and state of the art rolling solutions.  In a short time FACCIN became the reference point for rolling technology.

The production of machinery is centered in the Industrial North of Italy.  Continuous investment in new equipment allows FACCIN to be involved in ALL aspects of production, not just assembly of outsourced component parts. As such FACCIN has direct control overall all the production processes, monitoring each step “in house” guaranteeing total quality assurance.

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Plate Rolls

  • Initial Pinch

    The ASI machine is a 3-roll initial pinch roll that offers and guarantees a superior quality of rolling and pre-bending due to the asymmetric geometry of the rolls.  It is ideally suited and the economic affordable solution for the smaller workshop with lower production and lighter materials. Optimal plate drive is guaranteed by the two powered pinch rolls.  The side roll moves inside a linear slide which bends the material ver near to the clamping point resulting in a quality bend similar to more expensive 4-roll machines.The reliability of the ASI series is guaranteed by a solid oversized full bodied structure assembled with heavy duty tie rods.  A rigid base presents the opportunity to position the machine anywhere.

    ASI 1515 - # 2

    Size Range 1000mm – 3000mm
    Thickness Range 1mm – 9mm
    – Induction hardened rolls – Digital readouts for rolls positioning
    – Rolls surface is polished – Cone bending attachment
    – Motorized pretending and rolling – Special colors
    – Motorized pretending and rolling – Profile bending dies
    – Tillable bending roll – Numerical Controls
    – Extended shafts for profile rolling – Vertical roll version
    – Movable foot pedal controls – Corrugated roll version
    – Safety guard cable around the machine  
    – Machine CE certified for its safety  

  • Double Pinch

    The 3HEL is the latest evolution of the traditional three-roll double pinch plate bending machine.  The 3HEL series is the most precise 3-roll machine in its category. It is user friendly, versatile. The RGS design reduces the distance between the bending points guaranteeing higher bending accuracy.  Another important feature to increase the versatility of the machine is the roll shaft extensions to allow dies to be fitted to bend promise and pipes.  Very high rotation power is a guarantee of the 3HEL’s superior rolling torque and speed, available without loss of energy as all three rolls are driven independently by hydro-motors and gearboxes directly coupled to the roll shafts.

    3HEL 2021 - Fabtech 2008

    Size Range 1500mm – 4000mm
    Thickness Range 3mm – 30mm
    – Linear slides for roll movement (RGS) – Profile bending dies
    – 4- Bearings support each bending roll (MCS) – Numerical controls
    – Ultra-wide bearing housings (WHS) – Vertical roll versions
    – Electronic balancing system (EPS) – Corrugated roll versions
    – Induction hardened and surface polished rolls – Side and Top plate supports
    – Digital readouts for roll positioning – Machines designed for rolling hot plates
    – Three independently driven rolls – Lower Budget Swing Arm Solution
    – Control panel moveable on wheels – Special colors
    – Cone bending attachment  
    – Centralized lube system (pump)  
     Safety guard cable around the machine  
    – Machine CE certified for its safety  

  • Variable Geometry

    The HAV is a 3-roll machine that offers an unbeatable combination of rolling power with guaranteed pre-bending precision.  Its variable roll geometry design makes it the preferred machine for all workshops with a need for rolling medium, heavy and super-heavy materials. All three rolls move.  The top roll moves vertically while the two lower rolls can move horizontally, each one independent from the other.  This design makes it possible to adjust the distance between the bending pints according to production needs. The special design results in a reduced working height because the cylinders moving the lower rolls are positioned horizontally.  Therefore no foundations are required even for machines with bending capacities over 40mm. The HAV plate rolls are definitely the most advanced three roll bending machines available on the world market.

    HAV 11 - # 1

    Thickness Range up to 300 mm
    – Variable geometry with three movable rolls – Automated loading and unloading systems
    – Linear Slides for roll movement (RGS) – Motorized roller feed tables
    – Induction hardened and surface polished rolls – Automatic ejectors
    – Electronic Balancing System (EPS) – Side and Top plate supports
    – Special breaking system for optimal pre-bending – Machines designed for rolling hot plates
    – Cone bending attachment – Lower budget swing arm solution
     Control console movable on wheels – Integrated welding system
    – Centralized lube system (pump) – Special colors
    – Siemens Numerical Control Unit  
    – Safety guard cable around the machine  
    – Machine CE certified for its safety  

  • Four Roll

    The 4HEL – 4 roll double pinch pyramid machine is considered the most versatile, precise and easy to use plate roll with the added advantage of higher production 3 to 4 times faster then a conventional pinch pyramid.  Other benefits are the ability to feed material horizontally, and pre-bend both edges without removing the plate.  The cylinder can be rolle dot the diameter needed, immediately after the pre-bending of the leading edge.  This means that the machine needs less valuable workshop space as an area for plate feeding is on one side of the machine only.  The bending of the training edge is carried out after the cylinder is rolled.  Basically, cylinders can e rolled in one pass, in one direction.  Because of the guaranteed clamping and driving of the plate during all phases of the rolling process, the four roll machine is the only plate rolling technology that can be controlled effectively through NC and CNC Systems.

    4HEL 2634

    Size Range 1500mm – 18000mm
    Thickness Range 5mm – 150mm and heavier on demand
    – Linear slides for roll movement (RGS) – Side rolls extra drive
    – 4 bearings supporting each bending roll (MCS) – Automated loading and unloading systems
    – Ultra-wide bearing housings (WHS) – Motorized roller feed tables
    – Electronic balancing system (EPS) – Automatic ejectors
    – Induction hardened and surface polished rolls – Side and Top plate supports
    – Siemens Numerical Control Unit – Machines designed for rolling hot plates
    – Control panel movable on wheels – Lower budget swing arm solution
    – Cone bending attachment  – Integrated welding systems
    – Centralized lube system (pump) – Special colors
    – Safety guard cable around the machine
    – Machine CE certified for its safety

Angle Rolls

  • The RCMI “double pinch” angle rolls are expressly designed for rolling profiles with high resistance to the bending. This is the reason why the structures are heavily dimensioned and are built with heavy thickness plates of quality steel.  They are electro-welded and heat treated.  The solidity of the structure is an essential parameter to guarantee reliability and precision.  The four lateral guide rolls are independently adjustable in 6 directions to guarantee the best control of the planarity of rolling, to calibrate diameters and to prevent twisting of asymmetrical sections.


    – Universal rolls for rolling all the standard sections – Pipe and RHS rolling dies
    – Motorized fine adjustment for the universal rolls height – Hard way rolling units (push/pull devices)
    – Independent adjustment of the two bending rolls (double pinch) – Spiralling device
    – External guide rolls independently adjustable in six directions – Fast tool change kit
    – Simultaneous translating and rotating movements for the bending rolls – Automatic section feeding
    – Infinitely variable rotation speed for interpolation between different radii – Special asymmetrical versions
    – Automatic hydraulic compensation of rolls rotational speed – Electronic templates
    – Three independently driven shafts with torque expander – Graphic Numerical Controls
    – Three hydraulic motors and three planetary gearboxes for rolls rotation  
    – Special high resistance heat treated forged steel used for the rolls  
    – Roll shafts made of NiCrMo alloy steel hardened and ground  
    – High load over-dimensioned bearings  
    – At your choice console on wheels or pendant type  
    – Machine CE certified for its safety  


Dished Head Line

  • FACCIN is the ideal partner for an investment in a modern dished ends fabrication line.  Over 30 years of experience in the field and a long list of satisfied customers are the guarantees for the total quality of the product and a source of new ideas for dedicated custom-made solutions.

    Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 12.55.41 PM

  • From Cutting to Flanging

    A fast and economical system to cut the blank from a square plate is represented by FACCIN CB series of circular shear. The circular shear can be supplied as a traditional machine with manual loading/unloading of the work-piece or in a fully automated cell.  Flanging tools are available for the whole FACCIN range of circular shears so that it is possible to use it both for cutting the disks and flanging those thin walled stainless steel heads typically used in the food processing industry.

    Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 12.55.59 PM

    Thickness Range up to 10mm
    Diameter Range up to 5 meters

  • Exclusive Tie-Rod Design

    The FACCIN PPM series of hydraulic presses guarantees superior forming accuracy and the highest reliability because they are designed with the exclusive HPT system to minimize the deformation of the frame.  With this solution, two solid forged tie-rods are used to keep the base connected to the upper beam with a constant compression load.  The tie-rods are permanently pre-stressed.  There are cheaper alternatives in the construction of hydraulic presses.  Usually, the the cheaper design, the base is connected to the upper beam with keyways machined on the frame for simply by welding the structure in a single monolithic piece.

    PPM 800-8  MA-120 - # 2

    How to choose the size you need

    In order to choose the right size of press, it is necessary to calculate the developed dimension of the largest head to be formed.  Then it is possible to decide the distance between the columns.  The power of the press is related to the resistance of the material to be processed and to the required cycle times.  Higher pressing power guarantees lower dishing times because it is possible to press the plate with larger dies Minimizing the number of hits to form the head completely.

  • With the widest range of flanging machines available on the market, FACCIN is the ideal supplier for those companies who need to improve the quality of their production and reduce production costs. The FACCIN range of flanging machines id designed with a solid electro-welded and stress relieved C frame.  The movements are fully hydraulic and the system is protected from overload by safety valves.  Available with center hole, or without center hole design.


    Capacity Range up to 45mm

    A comprehensive range of accessories is available including

    – Automatic Tool Change Systems – Automatic Loading & Unloading Systems
    – Edge Beveling – Numerical Control w/graphic programming
    – Digital Feedback